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«The sacroiliac joint is often responsible for back pain such as a lumbago or a herniated disc. This is a crucial point to give you relief.» – Specialist Dr. Martin Ihle, Berlin.

Sacroiliac joint often causes back pain

The sacroiliac joint is located centrally at the transition from the spine to the pelvis. In recent years, doctors have increasingly focused on the sacroiliac joint because it is often regarded as the cause of a wide variety of back pain conditions. This is often referred to as lumbago or sciatica as the perception of pain.

Only a careful diagnosis can precisely differentiate and exclude the involvement of the spinal cord nerves. The sacroiliac joint has a mediating function between the sacrum and the pelvic bone. The body’s strength is transferred from the spine at every step.

Blocking can cause severe pain

The sacroiliac joint has only a very small range of motion. Any blocking of it can cause massive pain similar to a herniated disc.

Blocking can lead to a functional difference in leg length, which in turn can lead to discomfort in the ankles, knee joints and hip joint. This pain can continue into the cervical spine and upper cervical joints.

An unfavourable change in body statics can therefore lead to back pain, neck pain and headaches via myofascial chains. In addition, shoulder pain, tendon irritation and sole pain can also occur.

Manual examination to detect imbalances and blockages

Therefore, a thorough manual medical examination is advisable, which clarifies imbalances and blockages and also treats them in the next step. This is where my diagnosis and treatment start.

IIn my orthopaedic practice in Berlin-Mitte, various approaches to the solution of blockades and the regulation of fasciae are used in a multidimensional procedure. For complex complaints I combine proven approaches with alternative therapies such as neural therapy, acupuncture and targeted infiltration therapy.

In the long run, the weak points of the body have to be identified and strengthened in an adapted movement training such as the Gyrotonic system.

Holistic treatment in the orthopaedic practice Dr. Ihle in Berlin-Mitte

I am happy to help you in my orthopraxis at the Gendarmenmarkt with my holistic treatment approach to permanently relieve your back pain and thereby increase your quality of life again.

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