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«Stress can affect the health of every person differently. Individual and holistic treatment is therefore important.»– Specialist Dr. med. Martin Ihle

When the stress impacts the body

Dealing with stress is an important issue in our society. Whether school children, university students, working people, job seekers or pensioners: sooner or later everyone feels the negative effects of stress on the body.

Basically, stress is a natural reaction of the organism to the challenges of its environment. A stress reaction in the sense of fleeing or fighting is, from an evolutionary biological point of view, a physical response to a dangerous situation. Blood circulation, muscle tension and sensory organs are activated in order to be able to react quickly to external challenges.

Nowadays the organism is exposed to many different stimuli, to which it cannot react physically as nature intended. Because this no longer leads to a natural abreaction, the body remains in a permanent state of alarm. This can ultimately lead to burnout and other illnesses.

Positive and negative stress

However, positive stress (eustress) can be very healthy because there is still a balance between demand and reaction. It increases attention and enhances performance. In addition, it increases self-confidence when a challenge is successfully mastered.

Negative stress, however, overtaxes the human organism. A persistent mental load and tension without a physical balance can damage the organism. Chronic stress, in turn, is the cause of many diseases. Performance decreases and sleep disturbances can occur. In addition, the immune system is weakened, which can cause weight gain and disorders of the digestive organs (irritable bowel syndrome). In the orthopaedic area, complaints often occur in the shoulder-neck area or in the deep-seated area.

Diagnosis and therapy

For a diagnosis, a measure of the regulatory capacity of the organism in relation to the autonomic nervous system can be analysed by HRV (heart rate variability) measurement. Based on this, individual therapy options can be derived and therapy controls carried out.

I show my patients action strategies, relaxation methods and targeted movement programmes with which they can actively counteract stress. For therapy in my orthopraxis there is also the possibility to combine pain therapy with a relaxation method via hypnoacupuncture.

Gyrotonic training for the whole body

In order to cope with stress, the Gyrotonic training allows you to carry out an additional comprehensive body workout in which functional chains, coordination and breathing play an important role and thus integrate the entire body in a similar way to yoga training. In a one-to-one training, your specific needs will be addressed.

I am happy to treat you in my orthopractice in Berlin-Mitte. My goal: To fight not only the symptoms but also the causes of stress in order to permanently reduce your stress, increase your well-being and improve your quality of life.

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