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»Acupuncture is a treatment method of traditional Chinese medicine in which the therapeutic effect is achieved by needlesticks at certain points of the body.« – Facharzt Dr. med. Martin Ihle, Berlin.

Health as balance of Yin and Yang

Acupuncture is the oldest medical system in the world. It continues to develop today. According to the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), health is regarded as the balance of the two polarities, Yin and Yang. According to this, a disease or disturbance of well-being is based on an imbalance in the organism. In other words, health requires constant effort to maintain this balance. Health is therefore not a passive state, but requires continuous conscious care.

Acupuncture needles release blockages in the body

Die Akupunkturpunkte liegen auf Energieleitbahnen, die den ganzen Körper überziehen und Verbindungen untereinander herstellen, auch zu inneren Organen. Der traditionellen asiatischen Lehre nach ist der Mensch gesund, wenn die Energie harmonisch fließt.

The acupuncture points lie on energy channels which cover the whole body and establish connections between each other, as well as to internal organs. According to traditional Asian teachings, a person is healthy if the energy flows harmoniously.

If, however, the so-called Qi flow is disturbed by external or internal factors, diseases and pain can develop. Insertion of the acupuncture needles can release blockages and restore the flow of energy.

Acupuncture variations

The term acupuncture comes from the Latin (Acus = needle, Punctio = stinging). There is a variety of acupuncture variants. I offer some of them in my orthopaedic practice in Berlin-Mitte:

Ear acupuncture

Ear acupuncture is a special form of acupuncture. As in the reflex zones of the soles of the feet, the entire human body is represented in the auricle. This microsystem allows certain structures in the body to be specifically influenced by needling. Ear acupuncture is particularly effective for painful complaints of the musculoskeletal system.

Trigger acupuncture

Another special form of acupuncture is trigger acupuncture (“dry needling”). Needling allows small swellings, which are located in the muscles and are responsible for a variety of pain phenomena in the myofascial tissue and joint area, to be specifically eliminated.


The relaxing and pain-relieving effect of acupuncture is supported by hypno-therapeutic suggestions. During an acupuncture session, patients not only experience a relief of their pain, but also strategies for problem solving or stress reduction are applied. The special feature of hypno-acupuncture is that when the needles are pulled, relaxation can be further deepened and has a more lasting effect on the body.

Balance acupuncture

Balance acupuncture is based on the knowledge that acute complaints are usually best treated away from their localisation. Here I use the distance points in my practice. These are points which are far away from the actual pain localization and which I can identify through their pressure painfulness.

Infiltration acupuncture

Another variant is infiltration acupuncture. It can be used very effectively as a short-term acupuncture and represents a limit to neural therapy. Myofascial trigger points, classic acupuncture points and specific reflex points are specifically infiltrated with a mixture of procaine and naturopathic substances such as arnica preparations. Despite a short application time, the effect of acupuncture can have a lasting effect.

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