Neural therapy in Berlin-Mitte

✔ Fast effect through targeted injections
✔ Pain and anti-inflammatory
✔ Combination with manual therapy

»Within the framework of alternative healing methods, neural therapy is an effective method of re-regulating disturbed functions in the body.« – Facharzt Dr. med. Martin Ihle

When the self-regulating forces are out of order

Neural therapy is a holistic regulation therapy. With it, a disturbed regulation system in the body can be re-regulated. In a healthy body, the self-regulating forces in the human musculoskeletal system ensure that minor dysfunctions are compensated. If, however, there is an overload or regulatory weakness, it then gets derailed. This is often noticeable as pain.

Breaking the pain cycle

In neural therapy, the local anaesthetic procaine is injected into muscles, joints, vessels or certain skin areas where it has a regulatory effect. On the one hand, it has an analgesic effect and an immunomodulating effect. Temporary anaesthesia interrupts peripheral states of irritation in the short term, allowing even overloaded control loops to recover. Thus, it can also be effective in the long term.

Neural therapy plus manual therapy diagnostics

Manual therapeutic diagnostics is an excellent complement to neural therapy. In combination with manual therapy methods I achieve a higher complexity of treatment for my patients by influencing the regulation from several approaches in parallel and breaking the pain circle.

I am happy to apply neural therapy in my orthopraxis in orthopraxis in Berlin-Mitte am Gendarmenmarkt

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