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Biological regeneration of joints and tendons

Combination of several methods

If there is cartilage degeneration in the joints or painful tendon damage, such as occurs in Achillodynia or tennis elbow, I use a combination of several procedures for optimal regeneration

The manual-therapeutic treatment removes blockages of joint structures and relieves myofascial tension. On the other hand, injections into the joints and the affected tendons are possible.

Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid injections are a biomechanically effective remedy. Hyaluronic acid is a main component of synovial fluid, is naturally effective, and is used to improve joint lubrication. It can therefore also lead to pain relief and thus contribute to an increase in physical activity and an improvement in quality of life.

Proliferation therapy for unstable ligament structures

In so-called proliferation therapy, unstable ligament structures and tendon damage are strengthened by a mixture of glucose and a local anaesthetic. Inflammatory processes can also be inhibited in the joint itself by sclerosing the synovial membrane. In the case of advanced or therapy-resistant complaints, additional methods such as sclerotherapy of the synovial membrane by radioactive material (radiosynoviorthesis, RSO) and irradiation with low-energy X-rays can also be ordered.

Acupuncture and neural therapy can also be used to support these procedures in order to achieve pain reduction at a higher level.

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