Manual medicine & osteopathy in Berlin-Mitte

Manual treatment of orthopaedic complaints
✔ Specific grip techniques from chiropractic and osteopathy
✔ Diagnosis and therapy in one go

»Manual therapy is a gentle treatment to eliminate functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system and noticeably reduce discomfort.« – Facharzt Dr. med. Martin Ihle, Berlin.

Treat naturally

Manual medicine is a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic method. It is effective even with minimal direct contact with the patient.

The term “manual” comes from the Latin word “manos” which means “hand”. During my many years of training as a therapist, I trained my perception and sense of touch and further developed it during my many years as an orthopaedist. Given my experience, I can examine and treat the musculoskeletal system of my patients in a targeted manner with ease.

Recognising and correcting functional disorders

Pain in the musculoskeletal system is often caused by so-called functional disorders in connection with muscular imbalances and disturbed myofascial functional chains. With manual procedures I can detect blocked movement segments, tensions and disorders of muscles, connective tissue and fasciae in the spine and extremities. I treat my patients with targeted grip techniques – also from chiropractic and osteopathy – to dissolve tensions and remove blockages.

With manual medicine I treat, among other things, complaints of joints, arthrosis, muscle tension with trigger points, complaints of the lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, headaches, shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain and foot complaints.

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Dr. med. Martin Ihle

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Private practice for orthopedics

Dr. med. Martin Ihle

Jägerstr. 70,
10117 Berlin

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