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Kinesio-Tape in Berlin-Mitte

Kinesio-Tape supports the success of treatment

A Kinesio-Tape is an excellent way to finish a complex treatment, to deepen the result of the treatment and to extent the effects for a few days.

What does a Kinesio-Tape do?

Kinesio-Tape stabilises the joints of the extremities after accidents, bruises or instabilities caused by arthrosis. On the back it acts like a small permanent massage with every step.

What are the areas of application?

Kinesio-Tape can be used to treat painful muscles in the lower back, cervical spine, shoulder-neck region, Achilles tendon and, in the case of tendon insertion problems, at the elbow.

What does a Kinesio-Tape consist of?

The Kinesio-Tape consists of a cotton fabric as carrier fabric and is provided with a skin-friendly anti-allergic adhesive. The special elasticity enables on the one hand a massaging and on the other hand a stabilizing effect.

How long can a Kinesio-Tape be worn?

A Kinesio-Tape has a lasting effect and can therefore be worn for several days. You can also take a shower without having to protect it from getting wet.

I would be happy to put on a tape for you in my orthopraxis at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin-Mitte. Please note: The application is not covered by the statutory health insurance, therefore an additional payment is necessary.

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