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Tennis elbow due to overloading and incorrect loading

The so-called tennis elbow (or tennis elbow, golf elbow or golf arm, in Latin: epicondylitis humeri radialis) is a frequent reason why patients come to my practice.

The cause of tennis elbow is typically an overstraining reaction due to leisure activities such as tennis, golf or playing the keyboard. The arm not only hurts, but is also limited in its natural function and movement. However, overloading and incorrect loading in everyday working life can also lead to discomfort at the beginning of the tendon or in the course of the extensor muscles of the forearm, for example due to unfavourable working conditions at the computer.

Pain radiates

All in all, it is a complex pain event with a local stimulus state involving the cervical spine with radiation via the shoulder region, blockages of the lower cervical spine and the first rib – often in combination with active trigger points in the shoulder area. For many people, the problem is already chronic and requires appropriate treatment.

Comprehensive diagnostics necessary

It is usually not sufficient to focus only on the affected region during treatment. At the beginning of a diagnosis I therefore carry out a subtle manual examination of the body statics in my orthopraxis. This also includes the cervical spine with head and jaw joints, the thoracic spine and the shoulder girdle area.

Further diagnostic possibilities are ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), if nerves are involved. In some cases, a neurologist can also measure the speed of nerve conduction.

Chronic disease requires complex treatment

A complex treatment strategy is advisable for chronic complaints in the arm. Manual therapy of musculature, fasciae and joint blockages is primarily suitable here.

Depending on the diagnosis, a local infiltration procedure from neural therapy may also be suitable. This can also be combined with a balancing acupuncture procedure and an extended segment therapy via the cervical spine.

Shock wave therapy also offers a good study situation. A stabilisation of the treatment success by a Kinesio-Tape is also beneficial for the patients. In addition, the patient is required to complete some exercises in order to regain mobility.

Natural treatment without side effects

For a treatment with few side effects I try to avoid preparations containing cortisone and non-steroidal antirheumatics like ibuprofen. To inhibit inflammation, I also use proven preparations from naturopathy such as arnica.

I am happy to help you in my orthopaedic practice in Berlin-Mitte to release you permanently from your tennis elbow and to increase your quality of life again.

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