Gyrotonic training in Berlin

✔ Strengthens coordination and movement
✔ Provides for a positive feeling of well-being
✔ Individual training for highest effectiveness

»Gyrotonic is a movement system for beginners and professionals that uniquely combines thousands of years of knowledge with modern movement theory.« – Facharzt Dr. med. Martin Ihle

Gyrotonic for mobility and well-being

The innovative Gyrotonic training is very similar to yoga. It combines breathing techniques with the stretching, strengthening and mobility of the musculoskeletal system. The training focuses on coordination and functional movement chains and acheives its effects with elegance and beauty.

Learning new movement patterns

In the individual one-to-one training, the trainer imparts new movement patterns step by step, which serve to integrate the entire body.

An essential part of the body work takes place on the bench and on the floor, so that there is the possibility to benefit from the effectiveness even in everyday life in the smallest space.

Training mit meditativem Charakter

If the Gyrotonic exercises are carried out with increasing knowledge as in Flow, the training reaches a downright meditative character. The wave-like and spiral movement quality causes a positive feeling of well-being in your body, which you can rediscover.

I would be pleased to present the advantages and special features of the Gyrotonic training in detail in my orthopaedic practice in Berlin-Mitte and to arrange a qualified trainer for you.

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