Infiltration therapy of the spine

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»By infiltrating liquid medication, the pain at the injection site can be effectively alleviated and complaints effectively reduced.« – Facharzt Dr. med. Martin Ihle

Injection of liquid medication

In infiltration therapy, liquid medications are injected under the skin or deeper areas in order to produce effects such as pain relief and improved mobility, especially at the respective site.
Effective in diagnosis and therapy

The targeted infiltration therapy of the spinal column is a component of the complex individual spinal column therapy. It can be performed both diagnostically and therapeutically.

During infiltration therapy of the spine, a small depot of local anaesthetics is injected into the pain-releasing region. The intervertebral joints (facet joints), which are often the source of pain in back pain, can be used for this purpose. The sacroiliac joint is also very suitable for this purpose. Often an additional infiltration of the ligamentous apparatus is carried out.

Anti-inflammatory and decongestant

In the case of back pain caused by nerve compressions or a narrowed spinal canal, epidural infiltration is suitable, which has an anti-inflammatory and decongestant effect on the affected nerves. If the pain radiates through nerve compression in the intervertebral canal, infiltration directly to the nerve root is suitable.

In certain cases, it may be useful to infiltrate the nerve root directly by means of sectional imaging in order to place the needle in a targeted manner. I would be happy to discuss the exact procedure, along with the associated risks and benefits with you in my orthopraxis in Berlin-Mitte am Gendarmenmarkt.

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